Today Badger class became chocolate makers.

Firstly, we melted 14 bars of Wonka’s best chocolate!

Then we made giant chocolate buttons.

Soon after we poured cornflakes into the remaining chocolate – resulting in chocolate cornflake cakes!!!




The Amazon rainforest comes to Pakefield.

Last Thursday Martin Rapley (Bugman) came into our school. He brought in some creepy surprises.

We begun the day in a semi circle. Martin started talking about the rainforest and its four different layers which included: Forest floors; Understory; Canopy and  the emergent layer.

He then went over to his big blue boxes and took out a stick insect. This stick insect was brown in colour and literally looked like a stick. It sat happily on Libby’s shoulder as she walked around the classroom in panic.

Next he brought out a giant green stick insect! This one was bright green and HUGE!! It sat on Evie’s head! She was so brave!

Soon after he got out the Pink winged stick insect. This one could fly and he showed us the skin that it had broken out of! EWWWWWWW! Martin tried to get the stick insect to complete a trick, however this failed miserably and the stick insect just flew away.

In addition to the stick insects, Martin brought out another insect. This was a tiny baby leaf insect. It was really cute and Martha conquered her fear and held it!

Martin had a collection of Cockroaches. They all had an exoskeleton and hissed when they were scared. We all got to hold one of these if we wanted to. Dave the cockroach was very special. He completed a trick and jumped into his box.

Next he took out something most of us were dreading… the dreaded tarantula. Sienna from Lion’s class was extremely brave and held it on her shoulder. Then the rest of the year group decided they wanted to be brave as well. Most children held the spider and decided it wasn’t as scary as they first thought.

Tripod was next. Tripod was a three legged chameleon, who was bright green and had a giant tongue. Finn held it in his hands whilst Martin held a locus in front of it. Tripod spotted it with his beady eyes and SNAP! His tongue reached out and grabbed it’s prey!

Later that hour, Martin very carefully took a tree frog out of his blue box. The tree frog was bright green and was very naughty. It jumped from one child to the next but missed a couple!

Finally, Martin revealed his last creature. It was a slithering snake!

The verdict is …

On Thursday 11th November, Badgers and Lion class traveled to London to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and the Natural history museum. 

The journey did take a long time, however on the way we got to see many of London’s landmarks that we had never seen before!

After a long journey, that started at 6.30am Badgers finally arrived at the Royal Courts. We walked through the giant doors and entered a vast, cavernous room. Our minds were blown! The roof towered high above our heads and many stairs awaited us. The walls were covered with enormous paintings of important people and there were big metal gates that sometimes blocked the way.

After a toilet break we followed a lady through the ginormous building. We had to be silent the whole way through the building. This was because there were real court cases going on in many of the rooms.

Then we all entered our own court room. We learned all about the different courts and the problems that they solve. After that, we acted out our own court scenario. Our main participants had to wear wigs! ( These were very itchy). We had a great time acting this out!

After a 2 hour court case we then made our way to the Natural History Museum. Whilst we were there we saw lots of things including:



The giant blue whale

We escalated through the enormous sun

Tried to stay steady during an earth quake

A moving T-rex (So scary!)

Dinosaur eggs

Space and water fact area

Lots of rocks

A moving scorpion and bug area (ewwwwwwwww)

The mammal area.

We had the most fantastic time, even though it did take 6 hours to get home !!!!!!!! 😦 :




Living the Viking life.

Today we had a Viking day! We experienced lots of different Viking activities.

Firstly, we dressed up as Vikings. There were some very funny costumes.

We started the day by giving ourselves a Viking name. For example:

Lola Bloodaxe

Molly the Bloodfist

Ashleigh the heart crusher

Liam the stabface.


Then we started our weaving. We were careful to keep to the Viking colour scheme as they didn’t have bright colours back then.

We had to carefully weave the wool using our cardboard looms. This was really fun however it took a while!

Suddenly Miss McCann (Lagatha) called us to battle. The sneaky lions were trying to take our land.

We ninjured through the school being careful to not let anybody see us. If they did we gave them a scary look. We hid out in the trees for what felt like a lifetime. We chanted songs to get ready for battle. It was then we saw our enemy coming over the playground – with a giant shout we ran to meet the evil lions!!

After lunch we started thinking about construction. We used small boxes to create our longhouses using lolly-pop sticks as the timber.




Reversible and irreversible changes.

Today we learnt about irreversible and reversible changes. We learnt that:

An irreversible change is a change that is permanent. For example:

  • Cooking a pizza.
  • Cooking a sausage.
  • Roasting a potato.
  • Making a cake.
  • Burning paper.
  • Mixing vinegar and Bicarbonate of soda.
  • Frying an egg.

A reversible change is a change that you can change back. For example:

  • Melting an ice cube.
  • Melting chocolate
  • Mixing salt and water.
  • Freezing juice to make a lolly pop.

Today we completed a irreversible change. To do this we mixed; 1 egg, 2 Tbs of milk, 4 Tbs of sugar, 4 Tbs of flour, 1 Tbs of baking powder, 2 Tbs of oil and 4 pieces of chocolate.

We then put them in a mug and put them in the microwave for 4 minutes. The results were a mug cake. Which is irreversible because we couldn’t get back the individual ingredients.



Today we started to look at Kennings. Kenning are a type of poem that originally started with the Vikings.

Can you guess what this Kenning is about?

A Giant Slayer,

A thunder clasher,

A lightening hurler,

A red cape wearer,

A hammer wielder,

A Valhalla sleeper,

(and quite the drinker),

A war master,

A risk taker.

Who am I?

A fire breather,

A tree muncher,

A root dweller,

A scaly warrior,

A giant roarer. 

What am I?

A Ragnor-rock warrior,

A tiny temper,

A world ender,

A Thor fighter,

A skin shredder,

A world wrapper, 

A venom wielder,

A cold blooded killer,

A wolf’s brother.

Who am I?

Science at EPA.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to go to the East Point Academy high school. Whilst we were there we got to participate in lots of different and interesting science activities.

Firstly, we were led into a room with lots of seats. Then two men started talking about what we were going to be doing that day. They explained that they needed a volunteer and chose Agatha from Badgers class. She was so lucky and got to sit on a hover board! The two men played ping pong with her – it was very funny.

We then went to do out first activity. We had to fire tiny Tims from a cannon. We had to listen very carefully to the air pressure and then set up the angle of the cannon. It was difficult to measure where it landed as it went so fast! But it was lots of fun.

Finally we came to our last activity. We got to experiment and play with lots of space activities. Our favourite one was the wind tunnel. We made tiny helicopters that spun all the way up to the top of the wind tunnel and out of the top.


Thank you EPA for a fantastic morning.


Lets get arty!

Today we have been learning all about one point perspective. We looked at the famous painting the scream and noticed how the decking looked like it went off into the distance.

Miss McCann then showed us how to recreate this.

Firstly you draw a horizontal line across your paper.

Then you put a dot in the middle. Next you have to use a ruler to draw two lines coming away from the dot (it looks a bit like a triangle).

Finally you add all of your details.

Take a look at some that we made.

Go Go Go!

Today we had a small walk to go and watch the women’s Aviva bike race. We walked from our school down the shop and waited patiently with supportive banners and signs. The women had to bike from Southworld to Norwich in just a couple of hours!

We waited a long time for them to come past. Eventually we heard some sirens and lots of police bikes and supports cars came past. Then out on nowhere around 100 bikes came speeding around the corner! They were so fast they were gone in a flash!


Aviva bikes

Happy Birthday your Majesty.

This week we have been focusing on the Queen’s 90th birthday! We have been completing lots of different activities to celebrate the Queen including:


Looking at the countries that have the same Queen as us;

Learning songs throughout the decades that the Queen has been on the throne;

Making new stamp tiles to celebrate the Queen’s birthday;

Creating giant soldiers to guard our queen.

The school held an art exhibition which was really fun! All week we got to make life size 3d soldiers out of junk and paper mache.

We were in groups of 6 and had to use boxes to create the structure of our models. We then used glue and newspaper to paper mache our structures. After that we had to do a coating of white paper and glue. This would be it easier to paint later on. Finally we had to paint our soldiers. This was the super fun part; we got to add lots of lovely details and worked really hard to make them just right.

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